Desperate Pinning

I really don't have enough fingers to cross for this one.

Pinning is something I've noticed modelers doing in their builds, and I've never thought I'd want to go that far - it looked finickety and asking for trouble. Especially pinning struts. I can certainly see the point, struts are often fragile and in scale form, could well do with strengthening. But so far, I've got by with the parts as they are... until my latest project.

I'm building a couple of large biplanes in 1:72, which have these very long, thin wings. As with all biplanes in any scale, you wonder about the integrity of the structure. It certainly helps if you rig them in a certain way, giving them structural strength. This means making a virtue of the demanding task of rigging, using it to tighten up the structure in the same way it did in real life. In my case, I use monofilament fishing line and thread it through holes I drill with a pin vice, twisting it by hand. You can just see some of those …

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