Did this plane save Britain in WWII?

It's the Supermarine S.6B , the aircraft which finally won the Schneider Trophy for Britain in 1931. Or rather, my just-built model of the S.6B, part of a growing group of Inter-Wars seaplane racers in 1:72 scale. (See my earlier post about building the Curtiss R3C2 of 1925) That picture is a bit fuzzy, sorry, but the plane is small which gives the camera depth-of-field problems. I love the end-on view, giving emphasis to the S.6B's massive floats . As the Schneider Trophy progressed, so did the size of the planes' floats, because of the need to cope with the torque produced by the outrageously powerful engines.  The argument about whether the S.6B specifically helped Britain survive against Nazi Germany and the Axis hinges on the influence it had on the development of designer R.J. Mitchell 's next fast plane design, the Supermarine Spitfire . Of course, Britain had other warplanes, notably the Hawker Hurricane during the Battle of Britain, but it's fair to say th

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