The Art of Bodging

Here's another magnificent piece of joinery. Carpentry? Woodwork? Or just hacking about and bodging together some bits of wood. Bodging - well maybe not exactly. To me, bodging is the art of making desperate but semi-effective repairs when construction goes awry, often when you're in the finishing straight. Sometimes nobody notices. This shelving unit isn't exactly that. In fact, the finished article is almost exactly as designed (on the back of a used envelope). Parts of it went together far more smoothly than I ever expected. There's one small example of cock-up , round the back, where a panel pin hammered in to the back board came down through the shelf rather than straight in. But I managed to extract it and repair the damage seamlessly. Yes, that's bodging. Let's not be silly, I was always trying to build this as neatly as possible. The reason it felt somewhat like hackery is the bits-and-pieces nature of it. If you look closely, it may well seem to be ov

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