Reindeer on the Airstrip

It's been a while since I created a scene. Here's a Finnish Airspeed Oxford, ready to carry away the couple on the right, with a reindeer standing in front. I find it hard to resist a kit of a subject in Finnish markings, especially equipped with skis for winter. I made it as a wedding gift. I did look for figures vaguely resembling the happy couple - they're frequent travelers to Finland, in case you're thinking I'm being incredibly self indulgent - but I admit you would have to stand a long way back to be fooled. Also, they've traveled in time, since the plane dates back to 1950.

The Airspeed Oxford is interesting. Designed in the late Thirties, it began as an enlargement of the Airspeed Envoy, very modern looking and novel for civilian types in having retractable undercarriages. But the war meant that instead of a civilian career the AS.10 Oxford was aimed at an RAF requirement for an aircrew trainer. Hence the bomb aimer's window under the nose, and th…

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