Flying Boat Pair, 1921

Two of them. One's a Felixstowe F.2a, once of the Royal Air Force and donated to Chile in 1921; the other's a Curtiss H.16 in the same year; but essentially they're the same type. It was a rare example of joint development which produced an aircraft which was highly successful in WWI, and then one of the select few types which had a significant post-war career.
This project has dominated my modelling this year, involving not only the two Roden kits but a couple of vehicles of WWI vintage, various figures, a display base, and even a bespoke box to transport it all over the Atlantic. The original spark was the wedding of my cousin's son Chuck a while ago, and around the same time spotting that the F.2a kit could be finished in Chilean colours. Roden produced four different boxings in all: an early F.2a (this looked much like the American machine you see above, but with Rolls Royce engines and the unbalanced rudder of the other plane); a late F.2a, a built here in Chilean…

A Box

Desperate Pinning

Reindeer on the Airstrip

Carry on Trucking

Wonky Wings

None More Black

Marauding No More

A Tank on the Reef

My First Large Scale Model

Miniature Calendar


Making Tracks