A colourful start to 2024

Yes, and what makes this funny is that at the year end model club meeting, they decided that the theme for the next annual competition (ie. December 2024) would be to build something as colourful as possible. So, some comments regarding my 'mistake' when I brought this along at the January meet. In fact I'd already been working on this 1:48 scale kit by Roden of the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter . Read on and find out why I was content to sign off now and not enter it for competition later. Roden produced several kits of this veteran STOL plane, Swiss-built and widely used around the world. A couple of kits represented versions used by the US in Vietnam. Another, a particular floatplane version owned by the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team. And then there's this kit, of the PC-6/B2-H2 special aircraft of the Austrian Air Force , painted up in flamboyant cartoonish colours and flown at air shows and other such events; named Der Bunte Fredi . The Turbo Porter isn't from

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