These are basically quirky ideas I've had now and again. I don't know if 'vignette' is the best word for it, I'm using the term as a catch-all for random images and ideas that get put into three dimensional form.

Here's an example, with a mild surprise of an outcome. It's a tiny scene, put together from some left-overs. The figures are two children, roughly 1:76 scale. A tree against a fence, a couple of birds flying around it, and it looks like their kite has become caught at the top.

I made it as a small gift when I went to visit a cousin. She liked it, and went for a photo album in which she found a picture to back up what she told me, which was that something like this had actually happened to her and her (in reality older) brother when they were small.

I often have ideas for this sort of thing and almost never follow through. Maybe writing this will change that. I'd mainly like to put these scenes or vignettes in frames, for convenience. But they'd have to be reasonably shallow so that won't always be possible. It'd be fun to put lighting into them as well. In which case battery powered, with a discreet switch on the bottom... Not only lighting, but motion too, involving small servos... I suppose if one got ridiculously ambitious about it, pieces like this would incorporate motion sensors so that they'd come alive when a spectator came close.

More to come. Some time.