Cute Little Tiger Moth

Here's another little dainty plane to follow the Triplane into the glass cabinet, a de Havilland Tiger Moth. In 1/72 scale it really is tiny, despite being a two seater. I don't include decals or rigging for these models, I prefer to have a kind of abstract feel in this display.

It's the new(ish) Airfix kit, and it went together very well. The undercarriage was rather fiddly, but they made a creditable effort to ease the assembly of the top wing and struts. The scheme is not the one from the kit (despite the appeal of a plane with the registration of G-ACDC!), but a simplified version of one I spotted elsewhere and which made me want to get out the masking tape.

The original plane dates from 1931. It's generally regarded as the type which finally gave inexpensive flying to the masses, so to speak. It was perfect for flying training then, both for the RAF and in the mushrooming flying clubs; and many still fly today. Over 8800 were built. And I have a fond fantasy that if I ever manage to take a flight in a biplane myself, it'll be in one of these.