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looks at miniature scale modelling, my own, and also anything that has caught my interest elsewhere.

I'll be featuring examples of my own work, past and current, and maybe talk about techniques I'm experimenting with, and all sorts of aspects of craft work. And I'll probably talk about inspiring work I've seen elsewhere. I'm pleased with much of the work I've done, but I'm very aware of some fantastic work in all sorts of genres which I can only dream of emulating.

This piece dates from last year. It's an oast house to 1:72, roughly OO scale, and I made it for my brother's model railway layout. You'll be hearing a lot more about that. The thing is, the layout is intended to represent 1950s Kent, and if you've ever travelled through Kent you'll know that the oast house is a highly distinctive feature of the landscape, even though these days they've all been converted into homes. Frustratingly, there just doesn't seem to be any such available for model railways; so I made one, from scratch. I browsed around and found reference pictures, and crafted this from cardboard, sheets of modelling paper, and various bits and pieces, including tiny crows and pigeons. I certainly had some gruelling work to do on the 'cone', since the tiles still had to be in horizontal lines. I don't know if my solution was the best, but it's decent enough :)

Apart from model layout construction, I dabble off and on in aircraft modelling, almost entirely biplanes, in various scales and in plastic but also resin; Nativity scenes; and miniature mazes and other vignettes. So, here we go...


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